Emirates to outsource jobs at Dublin Airport



Emirates’ schedule has declined to four a week
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Emirates’ schedule has declined to four a week

Emirates is to let as many as 60pc of its operational staff at Dublin Airport go, according to aviation sources.

The Dubai-based carrier is consulting with its Irish workforce about potential voluntary redundancies but compulsory redundancies are likely if the required numbers are not achieved, according to sources.

The airline has not yet finalised how many of its 31 overall Dublin-based staff will be let go, but it is understood that operational staff at the airport will bear the brunt of the cutbacks.

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It is expected that operational work will be outsourced to ground handler Swissport as passenger numbers recover, said sources.

Emirates, which first began flying the Dubai to Dublin route in 2012 has seen its weekly schedule decline from 14 to just four flights due to the pandemic.

In a statement to the Sunday Independent the airline said that Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on its business.

"While we have restarted operations wherever it is safe and commercially viable, our operations footprint today is significantly smaller than before and it will take time for us to recover to pre-pandemic levels," it said.

"Regretfully this means that we've had to resize our workforce in line with our reduced operational requirements.  This process is resulting in redundancies across all markets, including in Ireland, where we will reduce our staff numbers," it said.

The airline said that its staff had "always been a significant factor to our success so this is not an action that we take lightly. We continue to take every possible action to keep our colleagues and customers safe, reduce costs, restore revenue streams, and preserve jobs," it said.

Emirates hopes to boost the frequency of its Dublin flights back to once a day by the end of the year, it is understood.

The service to Dubai has been a key connection for Irish travellers to the Middle East, Asia and Australia and it had performed strongly before the pandemic.

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