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Owner of wallaby on the loose appeals for information after bizarre video goes viral



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The owner of the wallaby that is the star of a popular video online has appealed for information on its whereabouts.

The appeal comes after the animal was spotted on the loose in Co Cork.

The bizarre video was shared on Facebook by Christy Smith from Carlow, whose father spotted the marsupial while driving to work.

The wallaby, native to New Guinea, was seen in Red Hill, near Macroom in North Cork.

In a Facebook post, Christy said:

"If you’re going over the Red Hill this morning going to Cork, mind out for ‘skip’ in the middle of the road. My da recorded it going to work."

A spokesperson for the gardai confirmed they are aware of the incident.

"Gardaí in Fermoy are aware of alleged sightings of a kangaroo in the area and are liaising with local authorities in relation to this matter." confirmed that the wallaby escaped from a local animal sanctuary in the North Cork area.

It is understood that the animal has been missing since Monday, when the sanctuary owners were on holidays.

The latest sighting was in the Mount Barrack area of north Cork.

Speaking to, the owner said: "The guards have been very helpful, we’re asking for sightings to locate it as soon as possible.

"Once it gets into forestry, there’s no hope of seeing it. It has no road sense. We’re hoping to get it back as swiftly as possible because they get freaked out."

In a statement, Gardai in Fermoy said they were "aware of alleged sightings of a kangaroo" and are "liaising with local authorities".

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