Holos paves the way in making beauty more eco-friendly



Niamh Hogan from Holos Skincare
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Niamh Hogan from Holos Skincare

A Wexford business has just launched a new range of eco-friendly skincare products that are made from renewable materials.

Holos, which is based in Enniscorthy and operated by entrepreneur Niamh Hogan, is known for its high-quality, plant-based, natural products and its new range, Eco Essentials, is causing quite a stir in the marketplace.

The first product in the new line is a pack of reusable cleansing pads made with 80 per cent bamboo and 20 per cent cotton.

The pads are presented in a reusable wash bag, for easy machine washing.

'No more need for disposable single-use cotton pads means less waste at home, fewer cotton pads going straight to landfill, and less plastic packaging,' said Ms Hogan.

'Most importantly though, regular bleached cotton pads aren't biodegradable and their production entails the use of harmful pesticides and wastes massive volumes of water,' she added.

The Holos pads, which can be rewashed and used repeatedly, are priced €18 for a pack of 10, in a wash bag. They are available at and from selected retailers countrywide.

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